Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

For safety purposes, we want to remind everyone about arrival and dismissal procedures. All families must strictly follow these procedures to ensure the safety of the 700+ students that attend Forest Acres daily. For arrival, ALL car riders will be dropped off in the front car loop. For dismissal, 5K-5th graders will be picked up in the front car loop with their car tag displayed. 4K students ONLY will be picked up in the back bus loop after buses have been dismissed. Please refer any questions to Mr. Holliday, Ms. Cassell, or Mrs. Corontzes.

PLEASE NOTE: Students will not be released to cross traffic to a parent who has parked on the street or in the parking lot. This is necessary because pedestrians walking between cars and/or busses are a SERIOUS safety hazard. All car rider parents must pull through the car loop for dismissal for safety reasons.

Easley Area Bus Office

Wallace Heard, Supervisor
PHONE: 855-1088 – FAX: 855-8798

  • Crosswell Elementary School

  • East End Elementary School

  • Forest Acres Elementary School

  • McKissick Elementary School

  • West End Elementary School

  • Gettys Middle School

  • Easley High School