Forest Acres PTO

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If you've already joined the PTO thank you for your support of our organization. If you have not already joined, please consider joining. Every member makes a difference, whether it is through their volunteer time, their interest in the PTO or their contributions of ideas and support at meetings and events. To join please come to one of our meetings.

Our PTO president for 2020 - 2021 is Mrs. Amanda Jenkins. She is serving a second term following a wonderful 2019-20 school year. She is dedicated to her position and has a strong conviction to this endeavor. The PTO Board Members have already been working diligently this summer to ensure that our parents and students will receive the maximum amount of benefits that the PTO can offer. Here are some of the benefits that are afforded parents and students from the PTO:

  • Provides Teacher Start-Up Funds ($125 per teacher)

  • Provides Student Agendas for every child

  • Provides supplemental funds to the Related Arts Departments (Library books, Artist in Residence, etc.)

  • Provides Parent Hospitality Events 

  • Organizes and Manages Grade Parent Volunteers

  • Decorates school for children

  • Provides supplemental funds for school and teacher needs

  • Provides lunch for Teacher of the Year/Support Person

  • Teacher Appreciation Week & Staff Appreciation 

These are only several of the financial obligations that the PTO commits to our school every year that have a combined expense of over $40,000! Some of these funds are actually spent before our school year even begins. The PTO organizes several fundraising projects throughout the year and works voluntarily in order to raise the funds to supply you, the teachers, and our students with these benefits. I would like to encourage all of you to take advantage of becoming a member of our PTO.

The new PTO Board wants your involvement! They believe that your input regarding the school needs as well as your child's needs at Forest Acres is invaluable.

Volunteer Information

Please be sure that when you do volunteer, you sign in and especially also sign out or our school will get no credit for your volunteer time. Our school is recognized based on the number of volunteer hours you spend.

The Forest Acres PTO raises funds throughout the year for various projects. Some items on tap for this year are teacher start-up funds, new playground equipment, additional books for the library, as well as other items to be determined later. The volume of the projects depends on the amount we can raise through activities and fundraising programs.

We would like to say thank you to these AWESOME PARENTS for volunteering their time to serve as our 2020-2021 FAE Board Members


President: Amanda Jenkins

Vice President: Karly Sears

Secretary: Adrienne Bevis

Treasurer: Stephanie Ross

We look forward to working with you! For more information please feel free to contact our PTO via e-mail at .


The FAE PTO Officers