After School Programs

After School Care (ASC)


Sonya Cruz       

Director, After School Care Program                                                             

Forest Acres Elementary


ASC Options

ASC Option 1
ASC Option 1

Snack + Homework Center

Schedule    2:30 - 3:30pm Snacks and Homework

Fees            Registration Fee = $20 ( Yearly, one - time fee / per child)

                   Weekly Fee = $30 per week/per child

                   Late Charges = $1 per minute past 3:45pm


 **3:30 Pick up line is at the Kindergarten loop. **


ASC Option 2

Snacks + Homework Center + Basic Activities

Schedule    2:30 - 3:30pm - Snacks and Homework

3:30 - 5:30pm - Basic Activities (outdoor play, computer lab, games, arts and crafts etc.)

Fees            Registration Fee = $20 ( Yearly, one - time fee / per child)

                   Weekly Fee = $50 per week/per child

                   Late Charges = $1 per minute past 5:30pm

General Policies and Procedures



Each child must be enrolled by a parent or legal guardian. 

An enrollment form for every child must be completed before a child can participate in the program.


Collection of Fees

Weekly fees are to be paid on time.  Payments are due during the week services are rendered. You are responsible for payment for the days your child is enrolled in the program whether they attend or not.  Payment can be made in advance.  Online payment are available through your student’s My School Bucks account.

Late payments will strictly enforced and accrue at a $5 per week charge for each week a payment is late up to two weeks. After the 2nd week a payment is late you will need to make other afterschool care arrangements for your child until the account balance is paid in full.  Late notices will be sent as reminders.   There will be no refunds given.


Prorated Weeks

Weeks will not be prorated.  Fees apply regardless of the number of days your child(ren) is in attendance

*After School Care does not operate on 1/2 days of school.

**Dates of operations may change due to unforeseen circumstances, however, notification will be sent home with a child as soon as possible to notify of any changes.


Pick Ups

Option 1 children will be taken to the FRONT LOOP pick up line at 3:30p.m.  All Option 1 children must be picked up no later than 3:45p.m.  Please have you car sign hanging for 3:30 pick up. 

Option 2 children are to be signed out in the Front Office anytime between 2:30p.m. - 5:30pm.  Children must be signed out with an After School Care team member.    Children will be released to those persons indicated on the ASC registration form as having permission to pick up the child. Please send written permission of any transportation changes.  Parents will be called if no written permission is provided.  Please be ready to provide picture ID upon pick up. 

Late Pick Up, please arrive to pick up your child no later than the designated pick up time listed under the After School Care Option that you choose.  There is a $1 per minute late charge.  After your 3rd time of picking your child up late, you will need to make other After School Care arrangements as your child will no longer be allowed to stay in our after school program.


Sickness Policy

A parent or guardian will be called to pick up a child who is sick or injured.  Medicine will not be administered without written permission from the parent or legal guardian.  Please indicate which parent/legal guardian should be the first contact on the ASC registration form, if applicable. Parents will also be notified if an accident occurs with clothing.  Parents will be call to pick up child if a clothing incident arises. 


After School Care Program Calendar

The program will be available on all normal school days.  The program will NOT be available on school holidays, in-service days, or when school is closed to inclement weather.  If there is early dismissal, the program will also be cancelled.  Please see the School District of Pickens County calendar for complete listing of 2018-2019 holidays and in-service days. 


Discipline Policy

The After School Care Program is a courtesy offered by Forest Acres Elementary.  After School Care will follow the same rules and disciplinary actions that are listed in the student handbook. 


▪ Students are subject to expulsion from the program for continued disruption of the program.  Our program works on a three strikes policy.  If a student’s behavior continues to disrupted our program or the safety of other students, they will not be allowed to continue in the program.

▪ Students who initially misuse After School Care toys and games and break them will be responsible    

  for replacement of the item.

▪ Students will be respectful to everyone in the After School Care Program.  This includes After  School Care Staff, other students and students families.