Amy Segee, Guidance Counselor

The school Guidance Counselor helps students and their parents with educational or personal problems that are impacting the student's education. The counselor can also assist students in crisis situations. The Guidance Counselor can meet with students and/or parents individually or in small groups as is necessary. The counselor tries to help when problems arise. If there are problems or other difficulties at home, which the parent feels may hinder the student at school, the counselor will be glad to work with the parents in order to help the student at school. Students may visit the guidance office by appointment, in the morning before school, or during homeroom with teacher permission. Parents may make appointments by calling the school office at 397-1800.


The Guidance Counselor also arranges all placements of students in the special education programs. Parents who believe their child may need special assistance in one of the special education programs should contact the counselor. The counselor (in conjunction with the classroom teacher and school psychologist) will assist the parent as necessary.