CurbSmartCurbSmart is an easy-to-use app that instantly synchronizes pick-up lane arrivals, allowing school administrators inside and outside to coordinate the safe and organized release of students after school.  FAE staff will use the application by entering hangtag numbers into a smartphone or other device in which inside staff views a list of student names in the classroom where they release the students. 

In an effort to provide the safest and most efficient release of students from our school, please be advised of the following rules and procedures:

  • You were issued two hangtags with a number. Please display this hangtag in your vehicles from the rear-view mirror so it is clearly visible for entry by a school staff member.
  • Visit the website to register your child(ren) using the hangtag number provided.

  • School code: 3199
  • Complete Parents/Guardians Information
  • Add Adults for Approve Pick-Up
  • Save your settings!
  • Be mindful:

-All car traffic will enter from McAlister Road

-As vehicles approach the school for pickup, take turns to merge to one lane. 
 Our car line is a "cell phone fee" zone. Please keep all eyes and ears alert for the safety of our students and staff.

We look forward to using this new tool to enhance the student release process!


FAE Admin & Staff